Wednesday, October, 10th, 17th, & 24th 2018

For all of those who would like to participate in the Pickup Game vs. IMG National Team.

We will be playing on our Lacrosse Turf field. You can use gym/turf shoes or cleats. Use this address… 5650 Bollettieri Blvd Bradenton, FL 34210… it will take you to our WEST GATE entrance. There’s a big new Welcome Center (CAN’T MISS IT). When you get to the guard gate just say you are here for the IMG Lacrosse game  The bottom BLUE DOT on the image below is where you are once you get to the guard gate… From the guard gate you want to turn immediately right (THE FIRST RIGHT!!!) take the road all the way back till it dead ends into the baseball fields. You can park here!!! (you are now behind our field house) From there you can take one of two ways; 1) the walkway on the right (that cuts through the baseball fields) follow it till it turns bends left and the lacrosse field is right in front of you. 2) The walkway that goes straight (adjacent to the football fields) follow it till it dead ends and go right and the lacrosse field is right in front of you.

We will be going at 7:30 P.M. The sooner everyone can get there and be ready the better, but I know guys will be coming from all over to get there when you can no matter the time.

We will have hydration set up for you so if you don’t have time to stop for Gatorade or water, don’t worry we will have some at the field for you.

Please feel free to call Tim Holden 941.807.5076 if you need any help with directions on or off campus or anything else!

Just a friendly reminder, we will be playing against 18/19-year-olds. But our kids will be playing hard and are very competitive, all I ask is that we keep our emotions in check in case anything happens, not that anything should.

Tim Holden
Program Manager | IMG Lacrosse