Hola Guys,

This Wednesday, December 2nd of the year 2020 at 7 pm eastern standard time, we have a game against the Dade City Locals. Be sure to bring your little hand warmers because it’ll be a bit chilly. Bring $5 or you won’t play.

This game is going to be used as a way to evaluate guys that want to play for the Fuego men’s team. We currently have a large surplus of guys interested in playing or “committed” to playing. Realistically we want a committed roster with dues paid of 30 guys that know their roles. Yes, you can consider this a tryout and that doesn’t mean the guy with the most shots or goals is the best and destined for glory on the Fuego squad. We are looking for high-quality lacrosse out there so hopefully, guys understand what that means.

If you paid dues prior and we do not end up adding you to the roster there will be a refund of your money. If you are asked to be a part of the roster then we are looking to have everyone’s dues in by the first crossover so I do not have to nag and ask all season. The blessing and curse of having so many guys is if someone doesn’t pay we just ask them not to come out and replace them. Remember if you pay by the first crossover there is a discount on the fees. We are not going to be lenient when it comes to dues. Guys that are not fully paid by the first games (12/13) will likely be cut and we will see if another would like to substitute that roster spot.

Roster spots:

  • (2) Goalies
  • (5-6) Defenders
  • (2) LSM
  • (1-2) Strictly face-off guy
  • (8-10) Mids which includes 2 predominately D mids
  • (5) Attackmen

The first crossover is Saturday, December 12th, and Sunday, December 13th in Orlando.

If you are looking to play attack for the team then you will need to play attack in the scrimmage. If you are going to be a Mid then guess what you need to play Mid, and so on. This year we are looking to have guys that know their roles on the team and understand that we are playing to put Tampa on the championship trophy. With that being said in tight games some guys WILL be getting fewer runs, in playoffs some guys WILL be getting fewer runs, and that all depends on who the best option is or who is hot. If we have a goalie that is hot in a tight game he will likely be staying in the game. If we have a midfield line that is scoring better in a tight game then that line WILL get a majority of the runs. If that sounds too intense for some guys or unfair then respectfully this is not the team for you.

The game Wednesday night will be 4 quarters that are 15 minutes each. This way we get all of the goalies looking to play at least 15min of play. It also gives us the chance to cycle guys at the attack. Guys that are looking to play attack are going to be in at attack and not running in the Midline. We already have enough guys at each position that you need to show up and show out in the position you have selected.

Show up 30 min early with $5 so we can get a roster of everyone. We have some players that are not going to be there that will likely make the team because they have prior engagements, so if you want a spot play well.

Merchant & Bobby