Guys just wanted to send out an email saying great job this weekend.

Beating the defending champs on a soggy day aint the easiest thing in the world, but world domination means we have to!!!

There was murmuring that this was likely the first Fuego overtime victory, and at that it was Double OT so congrats on that part too.

If we clean up the transition and turnover part of our game we will be a powerhouse rolling into the next crossover in palm beach.

We want to shoutout a few parts of the team and players: Brendan Supple played ungodly so we all owe him some vaseline

Our defense as a whole held them to single digit goals, that is exactly what a championship defense needs to be capable of doing. (Kamaal, Kevin, Max, Swinton, Sean, Noah, and Piper)

Piper did an excellent job as our SSDM, where the Hogs thought they had a match they were sadly mistaken.

Stephen Squared and AJ. Both of our Stephens along with A.J. played great especially Really pinning a shot into the corner.

Then you got Kevin Kelly soaring through the air on one goal and stuffing a corner for a double OT winner.

Great job everyone on the Fuego Squad.


The Palm Beach Crossover is currently FEB 27th & 28th and the location is likely going to change from Palm Beach Gardens to West Palm Beach. Its only a difference of like 5-7 miles but we will keep you updated as we find out things.